Michael, Dina, Jack


I’m Dina Puleo, and I am totally obsessed with food and anything food related. I daydream about recipes and fixate over my wish (want) list for my kitchen. My recipe collection is extensive; notebooks on the bookshelf, handwritten notes stuffed in drawers, tacked to bulletin boards, along with well-worn cookbooks and my created recipes on my computer. To help with my creative obsession, I am now putting together cookbooks of my own recipes. I did not realize how many handwritten recipes I had and tested in the kitchen until I started to put one cookbook together. This may take a while.

I love to travel, especially road trips. I have a restaurant review page from all the restaurants I visit not only in my area, but when I’m traveling. I love to find new places to dine, whether an elegant restaurant, newly opened establishment, or a tried and true diner. The adventure is not only to find places that pack a spirited smack on the palate, but finding out what is unique about a certain eatery.

Food creation has become the center of my life, family and friends (who are willing guinea pigs for my crazy ideas); from learning how to have a green thumb instead of the black one I used to have in my early years, to becoming glassy eyed when going into places like Williams Sonoma or Sur La Table. Farmers markets, ah the farmers markets are absolute must places to visit. And, of course, creating my own recipes.

I used to think I was a savory kind of gal who loved making small bites. However, I have discovered I am also on the spicy sweet kind of side. John would say just like my personality! I love working with hot peppers like ghost and scorpion peppers. These beauties are versatile and I am passionately finding new ways to incorporate them into my menu.

Happy creating!